A Son Never Forgets His Father

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Thank you Fielders Choice for writing this Guest Blog this week.

With Father’s Day happening just a few weeks ago, I always tell my kids the same story about their grandfather Kris and how he fostered my love of video games. Hard to believe it will be five years this October since his passing.

Dad loved computers, and believe it or not he enjoyed video games. He was my original wing man.
First games I recall him playing with us (my brother, myself and occasionally mom too) were Forbidden Forest, Chomper (a Pac-Man clone), Ghostbusters, some really bad baseball game on the C64
Dad was the first one to beat Ghostbusters and how he did it was to be the Staypuff Marshmallow Man. He moved his entire body to mimic his movements and finally snuck past the oversized sugar filled monster.

He’d take us annually with him to the World of Commodore show in Toronto while he shopped or attended sessions my brother and I would hang out in the arcade they set up to demonstrate their new games etc.

I remember us falling in love with Cinemaware’s Defender of the Crown, Three Stooges and Rocket Ranger. Defender of the Crown we never could beat because our copy always came up with a Guru Meditation Error. (Amiga’s blue screen of death)

We also had numerous nights of playing Epix Winter Games and World Games together as a family and to this day I still think Dad glitched the bull riding event, cause I could never beat his score even by riding the hardest bull.

As we got older Dad tried to play Halo with me a few times but I think the duke (Xbox’s mammoth controller) and all its buttons were too complex for him. Give him an Atari joystick and he’d be able to hold his own just fine.

Dad was always a master at tic tac toe and I rarely beat him. Not sure why but he always had my number. When I finally did beat him I always took pleasure in the moment of victory. I miss those days.
If you Dad is still with us here, make the time to go so see him, or call him. Share some of your favorite stories of your times together as I know we’d love to hear your best “dad” stories.

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